Tuesday, April 2, 2013

WIP and New Sewing Cupboard

Well, it has been a while since I contributed to the blog, probably because I have been knitting and not sewing much lately....but I couldn't resist showing you what my good...good husband made me....A cupboard to store my stuff in. He just finished it this last weekend. 

My sewing and craft projects have been sitting on my counter since Dec. when my daughter got a "big girl" bed (twin) and my sewing corner and table in her room disappeared.  I think he finally got tired of my mess on the kitchen counter. I'm sad that I  don't have room to leave things out on a table to work on whenever the mood strikes, but glad to have my stuff safe from little fingers. But it turned out great....I am going to have to think up something else for him to make me...he did such a good job.

Anyway....as for the WIP it is a new twin quilt for that new "big girl" bed.....I am using the "Sweetcakes" layer cake from Riley Blake that mom has in the store and an old 2009 pattern called Panache by Sanae from Moda. (I tried to find a link to attach, but it has been a while since I downloaded the pattern and I couldn't find it this morning.) So I have all the blocks but the setting blocks for the sides done. I laid my blocks out on the floor so you could see how far I am. I still need to make the side setting blocks and get everything sewn together and the borders on.....

It looks a little bluer in the picture than it does in person. And as for the block placement...just like Jen... I have a hard time with random. I think I rearranged the blocks ten times before I took the picture, and I am still not sure. Well...we will see how it finally turns out!!



  1. Very nice cabinet and quilt!!



  3. Beautiful cabinet--enjoy!!

  4. Looking good. I think it runs in the family. I have trouble with random. I like order. But it looking good no matter how you put it. So does the cupboard.

  5. I suggest you let the big girl lay them out ---children at better at random than adults.

  6. bev that is awesome! does Chuck want to make me one? cute quilt! I bet lily cant wait!

  7. OH...I love love what he made for you...what a wonderful job and it is totally perfect for your sewing needs. When you get your new sewing room one day, it will be perfect. Awesome.

    Love the quilt as well.

  8. Very nice cabinet and quilt!!
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