Friday, April 26, 2013

Daydream Believer by Kathy Brown (Short Tutorial)

If you can remember the Monkeys than you are as old as I am or older. I was a preteen and like alot of girls at the time I thought they were so groovy.  I had a 4 track player, remember those, they weren't around long. I only had a few tapes but one was the Monkeys and I remember it was my favorite and I loved the song Daydream Believer. Well Kathy Brown in her book Strip Smart has a quilt that she named after this song in memory of Davy Jones. Well Barb from Bejeweled quilt had someone who wanted this quilt, king size and she asked me to make it. It actually is a fairly simple quilt and is going together fast. If I didn't have my day job I would be done by now.

 Here is my progress so far.
 There are three strips. The dark is 3.5 and the medium and light are 2.5. I sewed them all together. The book has smaller strips but I didn't want to take foreverrrrrr to make a king sized quilt. Then they had to be starched and ironed so they would hold their shape after they are cut.
 The book uses a special triangle ruler which I didn't have so I used my flip set ruler instead and it worked perfect.I got 4 triangles and sometimes 5 out of every strip set. One set has the dark on the bottom and one has the light on the bottom. So now I have two piles.

 This is from one strip, 2 halves of a block.
 Here are the finished blocks. One dark and one light.
Well those are the two blocks, easy peasy. Hope you enjoyed the quick tutorial. Now I have all the rest to sew. That stack of triangles aren't going to sew themselves. So back to the grind stone. Happy quilting all.

P.S. I have added new fabric to the store, some new precuts from Riley Blake. I would love for you to take a look. I look everyday and they sure are pretty and I will share.............for a price. HA


  1. I remember the Monkees, but I don't remember a 4-track player. We had an 8-track player, in fact mom still has one! LOL.
    It seems to me that making that block would be easier to do with by sewing strips around squares.

  2. I loved the MONKEYS!!! Now I will have that song in my head all day! Thanks for the memories of such a fun time in my life!

  3. Beautiful block,love it.Have a nice weekend!

  4. Love the monkeys as well and yes I'm very old..grin.

  5. I love this, Gene is right it seems to be easier to just sew strips around them but this gives you the miter look and it is what she what the customer wants, the customer gets....

  6. I have this book and ruler, but, I just haven't had time to use either of them yet. One of these days.... Oh boy do I remember the Monkeys! I don't remember 4 track players, only 8 track. I DO have the Monkey's on both vinyl and CD. I may even have a cassette or 2 around here somewhere, too.


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