Friday, January 25, 2013

Valentine Table Runner

Here is a cute table runner. It didn't take much or very long to make. I used a pink and brown fabric that has happy valentines day written on it and I used Sweet Cakes by Riley Blake for the hearts. This is what you will need to make the runner.
24- 5"squares.
4-10'squares with fusible on the back
(cut these into 5 by 10 for cutting hearts)
Heart Die for the go cutter
That will give you 24 hearts of three sizes. If you want to double the little ones you will have to cut some from the scraps. Iron the hearts onto the squares and arrange them how you like sew 8 squares in strips then sew the 3 strips together. Add a 1-1/2" border all the way around. Add a 2 inch border to the short ends. Then cut your back 4 inches(or you can do 8 inches) wider than your top but cut it the same length. Sew the side seams leave a small opening and when you turn you will have the back and side borders on. This makes a flat table runner, but if you want you can put batting in it before you turn it and then quilt it. You can buy the kit at InchwormFabrics.

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