Sunday, January 6, 2013

Carpenter's Star Jean Quilts

First things first- I was asked about the stars and snowflakes that we made at Christmas time- no sorry no pattern to refer you to. This is what we did. We covered 1" Styrofoam balls with glitter and let it dry. We use floral pins and glass beads. We made 8 to 10 pins with different beads and then hot glued them to the balls and then tied some type of string to hang. For the paper stars we had 8 square pieces of paper and folded them in half and divided the star evenly and cut (I think it was an L) then unfolded and glued with hot glue alternating directions, then glued the 8 pieces together-- my niece showed us how to make these- they made them in school. I'm thinking I can find a pattern for that one. I will look and get back to you.

Now on to the Carpenter's Star. I love stars a lot and I have wanted to make a Jean/khaki's quilt using a carpenter's star for some time. My reasoning this time--- a gift (the same- one of these days I will keep something) My neighbors son got married. It look me about two weeks at night to make two quilts. The hardest part was cutting the jeans. I used 12 pairs of Jeans and 8 different colors of khaki's but I only used one leg on each of the khaki's so I can still make more. I also cut some of the husband's old shirts. It was fun.

So here is what I have.. What do you think??? I love them and who doesn't need a Jean quilt for the football game or a picnic or camping?? I have to admit- one still needs binding- but it is tied and the binding is cut out... I just have no deadline yet for that one and thus it is not done.

See our new addition-- the best Christmas present of all times-- a cat.

Don't you just love them?


  1. Jennifer that quilt is just as fo the cat?????

  2. Great quilts. I'd love that pattern, where did you get it?


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