Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Okay, so I am back again with an idea or two for the NEW Panel we have in the store. The panel from Moda is called Always and Forever by Deb Strain.
Mom (Jeanette) sent me one, and when I opened the package of fabric, I had an idea of how I could use it. I am going to make 2 pillows out of the little hearts and 2 wall hanging out of bigger blocks. Here is the pillow final result. It took me longer than I thought this helper was more help than I could handle.
Here is what I did to make the two pillows. I cut the panel as follows:
I put the two bigger blocks aside for later....wall hangings still to come!! Then I grabbed a fat quarter (mine was purple.) and cut 8-2" x13" strips. I also cut out the little heart blocks to be 9"square. I centered the strips on each side and sewed them to the block.
Next, I mitered the corners by ironing a crease and sewing down the fold.

The resulting block is 12". Next I cut batting and muslin to about 14" square and made my sandwich for quilting. Then you quilt as desired... Here is my quilted final results.
  Next, I cut out four 81/2" x 12" squares out of muslin(backing color of your choice, I just used muslin). I hemmed one side on each to get four 8"x 12" rectangles. I than layered them over my sandwich top (right sides together) and sewed around all the sides. ( The layered picture isn't very visible with the muslin, but hopefully you get the idea.)
I then trimmed my edges and turned it right side out to make a pillow cover. 
Next, I put in my 12" pillow forms and have two pillows.
Next, I plan to tackle the wall hangings. I'll post them when I get them done. But for now hopefully this will get your creative juices flowing. So stop on by the store and pick up a panel or two for your Valentine's Decorating!!!

PS. Don't you just love all the little feet and hands in the picture. Helpers and future quilters.;)

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  1. What a cute helper you have there....and I love what you did with the panel....wonderful Beverly!


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