Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer Projects

The above quilt was made by my mother and it is what she has worked on the last two months hand quilting while she has been visiting. Of course I have to work all day and so she had plenty of time on her hands. No TV so not much else to do.
This is another quilt of my Mom's. She made this for a friend and I quilted it on the machine for her, so she wouldn't have to hand quilt it. She also made a quillow for the husband of her friend but I can't seem to get it to load.

Have you seen the video on making this 10 minute table runner. It is amazingly quick to make. I was impressed. My picture doesn't do it justice (no pun intended). I was looking for a quick project for a class that I was asked to teach at church and I think I found it. Personally I think the ladies can handle something harder but the gal in charge insist that I keep it simple. So here you go.


  1. Love all of the things...she made the green top at my house...looks great!!

  2. I love the quilts. I love to hand quilt but you gotta find the time...The green quilt that you quilted for her is great too. I made that tablerunner in February with red fabrics and it is fun and quick to do. I'll be making lots more. I like it for fabric I just don't want to cut up. Too bad your Quillow pictures wouldn't load. I've made a few of those for my brother in laws, they love them and easy and quick to make too. I don't worry about them dragging them around either.


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