Saturday, July 21, 2012


The concept of the Twister ruler has fasicnated me for awhile. So here is my first go at making something with Twister ruler. I have six projects at various stages going right now... not sure why I started another one, but this was a lot of fun. Fast, easy, and I think way cute. I have a hard time following directions, so I slightly modified the pattern found in Let's Twist Again by Marsha Bergren. My goal was to use all of the usable fabric I could. I was also limited on using something I had on hand... no runs to the store and I commited myself to trying to use only 2 charm packets. I ended-up using 2 1/2 charm packs (Ruby and Muslim mates by Moda) and 1 fat quarter of the ruby. The back will probably be mulsin and now I am trying to figure out how I want it quilted. Do you think hand quilted with Pearl Cotton thread or the usual???? If you have never used the Twister ruler- below is a few snap shots of my first go at it. You layout your pieces and sew them together- either 10" or 5" (charm size) in the order you would like. I rearranged them a half dozen times and finally gave up. I do not feel very comfortable doing random and I'm suprised at the outcome. Instead of doing the border row, I went ahead and put "extra" rows on all sides.
After sewing them together- you get out the pretty cute little ruler and cut--- what cut--- are you kidding me-- I spent good money on this fabric-- I am not going to waste a piece. This is what I got after I finally mustered up the courage to cut.
Then you sew them back together in order row by row. You get two by two....
Then a whole row......
This is what it looks like after--- what?? Why are there holes in my quilt???? n
I cut the "extra" off the sides and ends to make a border to go around the quilt (there was extra because of the extra rows I used instead of the border).
This is all that I am left with- so I sewed the 2 1/4 inch blocks together and I'm planning on using it for the binding.
This is as far as I got... about 4 hours give or take. I'm not the fastest... but a very easy table topper or wall hanging... It was a lot of FUN!

PS. If you are interested in the ruler or the book let me know and I can get you one.


  1. Your quilt turned out wonderfully!

  2. I think four hours is pretty good time, considering you had to essentially "fussy cut" all those squares. Not to mention putting it back together so the colors match up.

  3. you cut those twister pieces out perfectly, I cut thru the little extra pieces.... yours looks great. it looks like a heart!

  4. I love the fact that you found a way to use all of the leftovers. It always seems like there is so much waste. It looks fabulous.


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