Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Crazy Weather

Last Friday a hail storm to beat all storms came whipping through our neck of the woods and destroyed the vegitable garden and the flowers. The hail was so big in some places that it took out windshields.
This is a picture of the violets before and the one below is after.
This is my husbands corn field.
and his tomatoes
It knocked the fruit off the trees and bruised what didn't fall off. The craziest thing I have ever seen. Oh well so much for whining. There is always next year.


  1. It really is sad when you both put so much work into your gardens....sorry!!

  2. I most say the weather has been way out there every were. Sorry for the lost of the gardens.

  3. WOW and I thought our rain was bad

  4. Bummer!!!!! What strange weather everyone has had. There is always next year, but you hate to loose this year's crop.

  5. My family has been in agriculture for generations. The weather has been awful here in Florida too and know that after all that work your husband feels more than just disappointment. Hope the situation improves for you.


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