Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July.

This is what I feel like.

We had a family reunion at my house over the weekend. 30 people, camping out in my back yard. 16 were kids under 9 and of course we had wind and rain but at least the temperature was not in the 100's like it was elsewhere and like it is suppose to get this coming weekend. We even had fireworks on Saturday night. A little more excitement than was anticipated. I wasn't there but I guess one of the lighted ones tipped over and set off a whole bunch and the whole crew were running for their lives. Not a night to forget.

This is my current project on the quilt frame. A quilt made by my Mom and my sister for a cousin.

I also have a wedding for a co-worker coming up and I have this quilt I need to get cut out and done.

I just added some new charm packs for fabric lines from Moda that wont be out till this fall.


  1. I love the quilt.

    What fun for you to have all of your kids there and grandkids.

    Get some rest now!

  2. What a special treat to have everyone their for a family reunion. I'm sure you are exhausted, but how fortunate to have this opportunity. Enjoy.

    Beautiful quilt. I look forward to seeing it when it is finished. I'm sure it will be spectacular and will be treasured by whomever gets to enjoy it!


  3. That will teach you for having so many kids. The quilt looks good. Did you finally get your frame

  4. That sounds like a little more excitement than most people need to have! Hope you find some time to recover. Great quilt on the frame.


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