Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Spring Cleaning?

Is it Spring or is my timer off? I have been trying for two weeks to get my sewing moved to another room and my storage moved to where my sewing was. AAAHHH what a mess. No time for sewing, I can't get my printer to work, We just moved at work and I feel way behind there also. (I do love my new office with a window, much better than my old cubicle where I could go for days without seeing the sun.)
I wish someone would clean for me but do you think I have help like this:

OR that I could sit and paint my nails, like this:

NO!!! This is me and the end doesn't seem to be insight.

In case I never surface from my moving (cleaning) mess. Send help!!!!!
WELL, at least have a Happy Valentines Day.


  1. I would come and clean for you, you know I love to clean....and to play with your fabrics would be the reward.

  2. I am in the process of moving my quilting stuff from the guest bed room to the basement :(

    my son will be moving into the guest room to leave the nursery to the next one due in april.

    It is not going quickly- but we are renting a couple youth from our church to move stuff for us- and the proceeds go to their mission trip.

    im not excited to move into the dark basement with no design bed to lay my quilts on.

    the guest bed will be left in there and we will move in zekes toddler bed and some storage for toys etc (which we dont have yet)

    Daves parents are coming to help renovate the guest room into his bedroom so we need to get it cleaned out quickly!

  3. What a project. Maybe we need to get a group of quilters together to come "vacation" in each other homes, to help reorganize sewing rooms. I know I certainly need to reorganize mine. I start, but then find a fabric and get distracted wanting to make a project. Your room (relocated room) will look so nice when you finish.


  4. awww. you have a JAMES???? I don't like cleaning but I do like re-organizing....


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