Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day-- with PINK HEARTS

There is no better way to say Happy Valentine's Day to Friends and Family than with a little LOVE!! or so I thought. I got really excited about making these hearts trivets... found a fat quarter bundle and began to cut.... 18 hearts am I crazy.... yes I am. I have a really hard time just making one. Well, I got about 10 tops completely pieced and realized I had made a big mistake-- had to unpick all 18 ..... yes I did not say that I take the smart approach and make one to make sure I know what I am doing... full steam ahead.

So I have 7 of the 18 done just in time for tomorrow for friends... the rest are probably going to end up in a quilt, they are pieced just not sandwiched and quilted. These truly were fun.. until unpicking.. that is when I had a great desire to through them in the corner.....

Found some time to make these Yummy Key Lime Sugar Cookies to go with the trivets and put them in some really cute bags with some candy hearts and I am ready for tomorrow.

I could not resist adding the roses to the pictures-- these are a week old and they still look great!! Thanks Valentine!!

Hope you have a great Valentine's Day!! Happy "heart" to everyone!!


  1. These are just adorable, boy you have been super busy!!

  2. Oh, I love those. So cute! I'm going to make some of those. I'm still working on my red and white but I want to add some pink to it too. I hope you had a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing your Valentine stuff, great inspirations.

  3. Those are really cute. I have to agree with you I have fun until you have to take out. Hope your Valentine Day was fun. Mine was.

  4. very nice I wish i know how to make like that.

  5. Love these trivets--adorable!! You did a super job...not only that but you have inspired me. Okay my friend...I need the pattern and a lesson on how to do the binding. Yeah....I don't know how. Help!! Your cookies look good too. Key Lime you say....I will take a dozen or two please. lol You are so talented and a whiz at everything you put your hand to. Hugs.


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