Saturday, January 21, 2012

Done with One and started Another

Well I finished the top of the quilt of Valor this last week and spent this morning quilting it so all that is left is the binding. I feel like a mad possesed woman, I can't sleep till I get done. Some projects have a life of their own and insist on being finished before it will let me move on. I look like a mad woman and I would take a picture for you to see but then you would never come back.

We had a new addition to the family a couple of weeks ago. Maddox was 7lbs 9oz and 21 inches long. You would think since it takes 9 months that I would have had plenty of time to make a baby quilt but nooooooooo I had to wait till it was upon me to get me in gear. Well I bought the cutest frog fabric kit that had a stuffed animal. Do you see Mr. Lean Beans? He is helping me put together a drunkards path with the frog fabric. So cute, I hated to cut it but it only hurt a little and will be all well when I get it done.

Frogs are on my mind, I added some "Before the Kiss" fabric to the store. So cute, I am trying to decide what I can make with it. Maybe you have a suggestion.


  1. Your valor quilt is just awesome and those frogs are the best!!

  2. Two great projects. You are getting lots done. Congrats on the new addition.

  3. Your QOV quilt is just wonderful! You are really pumping that one out! I love the fabric for the baby quilt. Hmm, no suggestions on this though, I'm brain dead right now.

  4. I have not looked at your fabric called "Before the Kiss", but I will. I first wanted to comment on the darling baby quilt you are making. May I ask where you got the kit? I know how to do the drunkards of the sampler squares I had to make when I took quilt classes in Odessa in the snowy winter months. It is a fun pattern and you can turn it so many different ways. I am a great grandmother probably read my blog and I announced it there. Well I will close and go look at your Before the Kiss fabric. If I have any ideas I will come back and post. Take care dear friend. You are loved. I certainly admire your energy. You are amazing. Hugs, Deanna

  5. Darling fabric you have with the "Before the Kiss" line. Now I could be wrong, but I immediately thought about the frog and the prince story and how when the girl kissed the frog it turned into a prince. So I am assuming that this might go along with that. ????? Another thing I thought of was that isn't there a saying "You can never kiss too many frogs"?
    I think the panel would be a darling wall-hanging for a teenage girl and put some lettering (cut out with those cricket machines or whatever they are called) on some lighter colored fabric that is some of the same color that is in the panel and the words would say, "Someday MY prince will come!" Then the borders could be used with the other fabric or one of the fabrics for border and the other for backing. Just an idea.


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