Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another fine Saturday

Another Saturday gone with out getting much quilting done but this is what we did:

Neal, one of our kids came over and we helped him bottle up some things to take home with him. Yesterday my husband and him bottled 24 pints of vegetable soup. Today we did 23 pints of french style green beans, 12 pints of stewed tomatoes, and 20 quart bags of corn, thus the picture of the freezer my husband had already put them in to get them freezing so Neal can take them home with him tomorrow.

Boy, does my back and feet hurt. I love fall but I am not a spring chicken any more and canning takes it toll. It is a good thing that we only have so many jars and when they are full, we are done. Sure hate to see anything go to waste. My husband loves to garden and every year it gets bigger and bigger,and bigger (I think he is trying to kill me with food, what do you think?), hope the kids get more and more into canning so they can save me!!!!!!!!!!! ;)


  1. Wow...I know that is alot of work, but so worth it and soooo much better than what most of us buy in the store.

  2. I canned applesauce and apple pie filling last year, and it was Sooooooo good! Disappointed that I won't be able to this year. Was hoping to do tomato sauce and salsa this year too.

  3. Wow!!!! We have fresh fruit and veggies year round here in Florida but I have always been jealous of those who are able to can. I love growing things in our own garden. I bet those veggies taste great in the middle of winter.

  4. I know it's alot of work but I applaud you for doing this. I think it's wonderful that you can do this and also share it too. I want to do this too but I'm really scared of the canner thing. I had a garden this year and froze some things but I'm going to have to get over my fear and do it next year. My garden grows every year too even though I don't mean it to. I hope you rest up and get some quilting in over the holiday. Hugs, Linda


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