Monday, November 30, 2009

Projects and Dread

So, I started this project and I was all excited about it and then I started working on it and now I dread working on it... So, needless to say I have not finished it, I have forced myself to work on it, but I am not enjoying it.... it has taken more time than anticipated... more unpicking than I had imaged... and so all of my other projects are not started or done. I promised my better half that I would finish my projects before I started new ones unless something besides my attitude towards the project was the cause....say need more fabric etc.... so this time I am stuck finishing it. My mother will be proud, but I am not enjoying it. So this is why all of my plans for new projects are not posted because I am still working on the first.... what a sad story. This is why you have heard so little from me. Hopefully, this week will prove fruitful and I will finish this project (never to make another one) and I will be able to show you what has caused so much dread for something I have loved and then I can move on to christmas projects.


  1. ugh!! I feel your pain! I've got on on my machine right now that I absolutely detest. And the one I just finished took me way too long for the exact same reason! Promised myself I'd get it off of the machine TODAY! Hope you can struggle through yours!

  2. Oh I hear you! This has happened to me before several times. You just need to force yourself through it and you know what will happen...this quilt will end up being one that you LOVE. You'll see! Good luck!


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