Friday, April 29, 2016


 These lovely 2 1/2 inch strips from the Caribbean Splash line are absolutely wonderful to work with. I took those strips and sewed them together and then cut them back apart in various size strips.

 This is the finished quilt. It reminds me of water with a little sun. Kind of like all the rain we have been having with a few days of sunshine mixed in. The colors are so pretty together and it was so easy to do. It just took me forever to get it done. It hasn't helped any that I have been putting long hours in at work and I just have been a lazy bum when I get home. It always feels good to get a project done. Mostly done, it still needs the binding but I at least got the quilting done today.
I have chosen a winner and it is Donna W from Minnesota. She is the lucky winner of the book 'Fat Quarter Quilts'. Sorry I took so long I kept thinking I would post my April Showers quilt for Island Batik and announce the winner. Didn't think it would take me this long to get it done. But I am doing the dance!!!!!
I love the tilled black fields. The winter turns them into a bland gray looking plot of land and then the farmer comes along and tills the field and makes it into a majestic black field and then----it will turn green when the sprouts start coming up. The beauty of nature.


  1. Love your bargello in those fabrics!

  2. beautiful. So interesting what you can do with a little fabric in a few colors. Love my quilting.


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