Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jean ZigZag

It has been crazy busy over here with life and then I couldn't say no and spent the weekend working on a project for a friend at work. She needed two jean tops- lap size for this next weekend... what? She said she would tie them... all I needed to do was make the tops, and I didn't want to be the reason it was not done.... I stewed over them for a day or so... I couldn't just do squares-- so this is what I came up with... what do you think? It turned out to be pretty easy thanks to all of the tutorials on the web!!!
This one is for her Dad.... she is putting some kind of green minkee on the back....
I love this pink and white... its for her mother... with pink minkee on the back
I think her parents will love them-- or at least I hope they do. Now I need to finish the quilt for my friend at work who is retiring..... confession time... I should have worked on it last night-- I had about 2 hours (an hour more than normal) to work on it and what did I do?? I read a book instead.. I'm feeling a wee bit guilty this morning as I look at it on the ironing board-- I could've finished the applique last night... oh well, no time to cry over spilt milk now gotta go to work.
Have a fantastic day!!


  1. Those look great. I need that pattern. Oh well Net I know how hard you work so you deserved to take a few hours to yourself.

  2. Everyone needs some time off to refresh. You earned it..don't feel bad about it.

  3. They look wonderful Jennifer....


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