Sunday, August 18, 2013

City Quilters

I work for the City of Moses Lake, Washington,  and we have a little quilt group that meets once a month. We have all varying levels of experience. We pick a block to make and someone demos it and then one person takes all the blocks home and puts them together into a quilt. The city museum has them on display along with some items we made to raise a little money for supplies. We are donating the quilts to charity.

 Above are some bags that we made to raise funds for supplies. You can also see some of the table toppers, pin cushions and coasters on the bench below.

 Above are some of the quilts we have made, hanging on the wall. Below is a display with table runners and little pillows for sale.

 More quilts hanging on the wall. We are thinking of donating them to the police department to put in their patrol vehicles so they have a quilt for a child that is in need because of domestic violence or car accident.


  1. That is a wonderful thing to do...I love all of the quilts.

  2. Great that you all give back with your quilting. Nice projects.


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