Sunday, November 4, 2012

Race to the Finish---

I was going to put my pictures in Mom's post, but I did not see a good spot to put it. My Grandma's quilt is beautiful. She did hers in a dark navy blue thread and pieced it in different blue fabric. It was pretty. I chose to use a blue variegated thread..... I like and do not like. You kind of have to match up the colors when you get a new piece, adding a little challenge and in some spots it looks great and others.... well not so great. Oh, well. I am not going to start over... this will have to do. We are doing it for my Mother-in-law for Christmas if we get it done. Thus, my husband the closet cross stitcher (he claims it helps him practice for work-- we all know better! :)) is helping me get it done.
He is working on the top panel. I did the middle panel and now I'm working on the bottom panel. I would have to say (and he agrees) that the top panel is probably the hardest one.
The top panel... lots left to go......
Middle panel- DONE!!! YIPPEE!!!
Bottom panel-- lots left to go :(
I plan on telling my Mother-in-law that when she dies I get it back.
I tried to talk Mom into a contest--she thinks I have an advantage. I think the playing field is pretty even steven.


  1. If I was there I'd help you out.

  2. It is going to be a beautiful gift.

  3. I am sure it will be lovely! So nice DH is helping you out! My niece is doing mine for me using dark red. My thumbs are givin me a fit these days.

    1. You will have to send us a picture. We would love to see it.

  4. This is so fun seeing both quilts!


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