Monday, September 24, 2012

Thinking Positive

I just get a kick-out of this little wall hanging. We made it for my daughters teacher who tutored her most of the summer in reading. She can hang this in her classroom. It was really easy and fun.
We started talking about caramel apples at work (don't you just love FALL?). I love them, but I have never made them. So, I accepted the challenge and they turned out okay. I tried to put chocolate on them, but I did something wrong and the chocolate was hard as a rock... never had that experience and by that time I was tired and just wanted to eat an apple with that gooey caramel. Each apple was almost a half pound each. Big and Yummy!!!
Have lots of projects that need to be shared and truthfully need to be finished..... need to finish one before I start another. Have a great day!!! Happy creating!!


  1. Oh yum!!! I love caramel apples. They used to make an item called "wrapples" that were thin sheets of caramel. You wrapped the apple in them, stuck a stick in the middle and heated them in a low oven just until the caramel stuck uniformly. They were soooo good. We were just talking about them the other night.

    Love the turkey too!!!

  2. Mm...but I prefer mine made with a Granny Smith (tart) apple.


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