Thursday, September 27, 2012

Current project

Feathered Christmas

I just loved this pattern by Cherry Blossom. I used an Asian print from Kona Bay. With the go cutter it didn't take very long to cut. The hardest part was placement and that is because I didn't have steam a seam 2 so I had to make due with the heat n bond that I had, because of course it was late and it is to far to drive to town even if there were somewhere to buy it, which there isn't. I just got it and really wanted to do it. Isn't it cute, I am tickled "green".


  1. I love it in green!!!! Beautiful work.

  2. I just love it in the green...makes me want to do one!

  3. It is a most lovely tree, put it looks like it is painted on. What is it applique? That is a great fabric you are using.


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