Monday, May 14, 2012

'Lose 200 lbs this Weekend'

I finished a book this last weekend, so it is book review time. This is the book and it was well worth reading. I took a load of stuff to the thrift store today with lots more to go. I am doing the stuff I am least attached to first and then I will go for the other (fabric) last. The review is from Amazon.

Junk Junkies alert - dejunk now and experience the freedom of having a clutter-free house, mind, and body! Using humor and anecdotes to help readers classify their clutter-collecting tendencies, Aslett gently shows readers how less junk leads to lower stress. Just reading Aslett's motivational guidance will have readers feeling better right away. Each chapter explores a different aspect of his proven philosophy, providing quick tips and easy solutions readers can apply to their daily lives immediately. Fun, inspiring and packed with practical advice, this book is sure to be another Aslett bestseller.

About the Author
Don Aslett is the author of several best-selling books on cleaning and organization, including Is There Life After Housework?, Clutter's Last Stand, and The Office Clutter Cure. He has more than 40 years of professional cleaning experience and is the founder and chairman of Varsity Contractors, a multi-million dollar cleaning operation.

A little side note, when he wrote his first book is there 'Life after housework' our little community center had him come and speak. It was great and inspiring and I used his techniques and they really worked. This was in the early 80's mind you and I didn't realize he had written more books, till I went into the used book store and his book was on top of a pile and I just couldn't resist. Well he has inspired me again. So I am off and running or shall we say off and cleaning.


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