Friday, May 4, 2012

It is MAY oh MY!!!!!!

It is hard to believe it is May already. I have been busy but I keep forgetting to take pictures.

I have a co-worker who keeps bringing in these cute ideas for me to do. I told her she was barred from coming into my office. She showed me some aprons made from kitchen towels, so I went home and made one. Brought it to work and another co-worker bought it on the spot. No picture.

I quilted a baby quilt that my daughter made for her boss but while it was on the frame the baby came, so when I got it done I stuffed it in a flat rate box and sent it. No picture.

Said co-worker wanted to see if I could make a pillow case dress. Well of course I can so I come home when I should be cleaning or gardening and of course I make said dress but guess what? I do have a picture. I didn't have a pillow case so I made one out of Riley Blakes 'Indian Summer' fabric and then made the dress. Turned out cute, so now what? I don't have a grand daughter who can wear it. Hummmm.....another co-worker showed me that there is a charity that takes pillow case dresses to send to Africa. "Little Dresses for Africa"
Fun, easy and greatly appreciated.


  1. Cute dress......

    You get more done in one day than I do in a whole week. I would have loved to have seen the towel apron...make another one and show us! Begging here.

  2. They all SOUND like great projects. Yes, I think I would bar her from visiting too!!!

  3. You know you have fun with all of these projects!! lol


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