Saturday, March 24, 2012


I was blown away by all the responses that I got and I apologize that I wasn't able to answer all the post but I did read them. It is crunch time at work and the only excuse I have is that I am exhausted when I get home, so bare minimum is getting done. I haven't even done much any sewing in the last week. Pretty bad, pretty sad.

Looks like the luck of the Irish was with Beaquilter of North Carolina. She wins 2 charm packs of her choice and the book "3 Times the Charm. WhoooHOO!!!

So, Bea send me your address and you will see your prize in your mailbox sometime this week.

PS Sorry about the miss spelling of the title for all of you that caught it, goes to show being in a hurry doesn't pay.


  1. BloP Hop Winner? I'm sorry, that just tickled me! Congrats to Beaquilter!

  2. I won! woo hoo. I don't care if I have to BLOP PLOP HOP or whatever :-) thanks a lot


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