Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pot Holder... mess

So, if it is easy, I am going to make a mess out of it. (I started this before the cleaning project in case you where wondering.. you can even see it in the picture).

This potholder looked cute and easy... well cute.. easy maybe for some (everyone but me).

I started with some fat quarters, did some cutting, some sewing, some machine quilting and ....

this is the mess I have.... it's the wrong size, it's too thick, its actually cuter than I thought, but it is a horrible disaster... what a disappointment...

not sure if I can bring myself to finish/fix.....


  1. I hate it when a project does not turn out like I want it too....hopefully, you can fix it.

  2. Bummer!!! I hate it when I waste my precious time to come out with something I am not pleased with.


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