Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall- Pumpkin Table runner

Fall is almost over and Halloween has come and gone all of which makes me sad. Where has the year gone? Were does time go???

We plant pumpkins every year for the kids and some years we get a good harvest and others... not so exciting. This year we got 12 pumpkins from 4 plants!!! WOOO HOOO! Some of the bigger ones are still green... but you can still crave them.

We placed faces like potato heads in the smaller ones and craved the bigger ones! We had fun!

A few years ago I saw a pumpkin table runner from The Green Fairy Quilts that was way cute and seemed easy... so I made one. A present for a friend's birthday this month. It went together fast..

I cheated--- she sewed different orange pieces together and I just happened to have an orange piece that had lines... so I skipped that step.

I am horrible at quilting and I really did not want to mess this up so I made this paper template in excel.... and I am so proud of myself because it work for me!!! and looks cool... at least I thought it did. It was so easy to follow the template I am going to do this again.

This is the back-- what do you think???

This is the front.. I was so excited to try the template out I forgot to change thread... I was so mad at myself... but the white turned out okay....

All rolled up and tied with string!! I hope she liked it. I dropped it off and she was not home.... hum... I almost want to call and see if she liked it.....

You can get this tutorial from Judy at Green Fairy Quilts

Have a wonderful week!!


  1. great pumpkins and runner. I love the quilting design.

  2. Pumpkins look great. I love the table runner.

  3. She is bound to love it! Nice project!!

  4. Those are awesome pumpkins!!!!! Great job!

    Your table runner looks darling and will be such a nice addition to your fall decorations.

  5. I hope you made yourself one, it looks fantastic!!

  6. You did a great job, what a sweet gift. Your quilting looks wonderful.


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