Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jean Quilt -- the easy and fast way

Once again... in a hurry to get something done. This was for a friends son's wedding which I had known about at least two months in advance... but of course two weeks before the wedding I am scrambling, trying to figure out what to do. I thought maybe a gift card and then I thought better, these are good friends, you had better make something and I remembered they had mention wanting a jean quilt...

so I thought great, I have lots of jeans and we can do this... now how do I get this done with work and kids in two weeks.. so we made it the easy way....

10 inch square blocks with fleece on the back and batting in the middle and here it have it... after many late nights... it turned out nice and they said they liked it....


  1. It did turn out nice Jennifer!! I dont know how you do all that you do!

  2. I'm sure they did like it! It turned out really nice!

  3. That`s turned very cute.Well done,you`re very creative.


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