Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Baby Quilt -- DONE!!!

I made three of these quilts awhile ago-- one pink, one green and one blue. Here is the blue and green ones done!!!! Mom/Jeanette has quilted all three I just need to get on the ball and get the third pink one done. I think I might make one in yellow... when I find the time.

The green one went to a co-worker who had their first baby (a boy) and the second went to a college friend who had their first baby (in New Zealand) a boy on the same day 7 years later after my daughter. Crazy. It cost more to ship the blanket than to make it.... Hope both of them like it. The both have Minkie on the back-- so very soft-- perfect for a baby.


  1. love the quilts...I am sure the new owners will love them as well.

  2. What cute quilts! I'll bet your friends were delighted. I just gave a colleague a quilt for her first grandchild and she cried.!! Don't you love it?!


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