Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Shelves and floor

For the last 2 weeks the contents of my sewing room has been in the living room and the spare bedroom. I have been putting down a new floor. Yesterday my husband and son-in-law put these shelves up, so I have a place for my fabric. Now I just have to get everything put back in the room, as you can see I have started but I have a long ways to go. I don't even know if I can get it all back in, I may have to go through my stash and give some of it away. I don't know if anyone would want some of my stash, some of it may be wal-mart. Well stay tuned you may benefit from my overflowing sewing room.


  1. I just love this picture....ummm ummm good

  2. Love the shelves. I need more shelves for my stash. (but that don't mean, I wouldn't take more fabric!)

  3. I just pulled all my fabric off my shelves and then decided to make a quilt for an upcoming wedding! oops!

    I take any kind of fabric (I can only afford walmart and slightly higher prices anyway so I dont mind at all)

    Have fun reorganizing your room!

  4. Do a beginners contest stash for your not so fabulous fiberous materials. I am a beginner and I only use the walmart and joann fabric types until I am better and then I will go and use the better material I have bought.

    Or do a contest stash for a beginner who will quilt (or try) a quilt for charity. :) You have all kinds of ways to get rid of your extra material you don't deem good enough. Just don't forget us beginners. :)

  5. Give away STASH? Oh no! I'm sure you'll find a place to put it, if not, Quilts of Valor is always looking for nice cottons.


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