Saturday, July 30, 2011

July Giveaway Winner

Okay, I have been slacking, I should have chosen a winner last weekend but I got busy with getting ready for company and having company. This time of the year is so hard to get on the computer because there is so much that needs to be done outside. Weeds, flowers, vegtables, weeds and painting and did I mention weeds. I finally finished painting the front porch this morning while it was cool outside. It could use another coat but we will see if I have the energy to do another one. I also bought 2 boxes of apricots yesterday, and picked a 5 gallon bucket of cucumbers besides 2 bowls or raspberries waiting in the fridge. I think I am tired just thinking about all that work.

Well here is a picture of the items that I am going to put in the box for one lucky person, well maybe everyone has lost interest and doesn't want to know who wins ;). As you can see there is 2 microwave hot pockets and a key fob and a mug rug, all made and donated by Barb from Bejeweled quilts. 4 FQ from the animal alphabet line, halloween panel, a honey bun and turnover from the Caroler line by Moda, a clear project pouch with little nippers and buttons.

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Timestamp: 2011-07-30 18:46:40 UTC

So that is Jo over at Warm Fuzzys. Congratulations. As soon as I have an address, I will send out your gifts. Thanks everyone for entering and helping me celebrate a great year of selling and blogging. Have a great weekend and stay tuned for August's giveaway which will be in connection with SEW CAL GAL's Pets on Quilts Show.


  1. Ok, excited and jumping up and down over here! I have one little problem and that is I can't find where on the blog your email address is so that I can send you my home address?
    If you could let me know I will email you latter today
    Thanks Bunches

  2. Congratulations to Jo! What a great little package of items!

  3. Congrats to Jo! Yes, I was still interested anyway. Sometimes we get "late" with blog stuff - life happens!


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