Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Birthday and Thank you

I am truely amazed and humbled by the response to my one year giveaway. I should bake a cake and invite everyone over. Wouldn't that be fun. Thank you, for making my day. Wish everyone could win.

We haven't put much back into the room that we put the new floor in. It is all still in the living room. We still have trim and a few other things to do first but we need to get it done. Barb and hubby are coming to visit in a couple of weeks. We haven't seen each other in probably 10 years, maybe it hasn't been that long, I can't remember. Maybe she will remember.

More quilt show pictures.


  1. Was probably thanksgiving around almost 9 years ago, right?

  2. Congrats on the one the quilts!!

  3. Did the first year seem to go quickly for you? I think a cake is in order. You can send us each a piece!!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday again - Now, where's the cake?


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