Monday, May 2, 2011


It is cold and rainy outside after having sunshine for 2 days. It feels like April still. These flowers have been waiting to be planted and it is still to cold to plant them. I have some hanging baskets but I may not be able to put them out this year because of the wind.

My spring flowers are trying to bloom. Here are some pictures of the ones that have braved the cold wet weather.

The husband and a couple of the kids tore down the back deck that was about ready to fall down on Saturday. Sunday was nice but not near as nice as Saturday was. Here is a picture of the new baby in her blessing dress along with her brothers. They were not wanting to take any more pictures.


  1. I love all of the pretty flowers, but the best flower of all is that darling little one in the special gown. Beautiful!!!!

  2. Cute, cute kiddo's!! The dress is beautiful! Love all of your flowers, I am soooooo ready for some warm weather!

  3. Lovely pics of the kids!


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