Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wedding present

This is called Aztec Cowboy designed by Nellie Holmes and Christine Baker and it is a free pattern from Camelot Cottons. I used the Cowboy line out of my store instead of the ones they used.

A very dear friend had a daughter getting married last Saturday and I wanted to make a quilt to send. So I started it presidents day weekend, nothing like waiting till the last minute but I do have excuses.

The daughter that just had the baby was visiting on presidents day and cut out this quilt for me while I was quilting one of her quilts. Then after she went home I pieced it together and had it ready to quilt (It actually was a very easy and fun quilt to do). When she called on Tues to say she was in labor, I loaded it on the frame and quilted it and pinned on the binding after I got home from work. Then when I got home from work on Wednesday I packed up stuff and took it to Spokane with me but didn't get the binding done (we were busy doing baby projects) till last night. So I boxed it up and sent it on its way to Nevada, a week late but never the less I at least it got done (which is more than I can say for some other projects).

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