Sunday, February 20, 2011

Circle of Nine Book Reveiw

I just got this book in the mail yesterday. I was impressed by the cover so I ordered it and it lived up to my expectations. I love how simple the technique is and how all the quilts look so totally unique. Why didn't I think of that? It is totally awesome and I can't wait till I can make a quilt using their technique. Following is the review that comes with the book.

"This stunning yet simple setting produces quilts with original and creative design. Using simple quilt blocks and focus fabrics or block variations, the setting offers limitless creative and color possibilities. No two quilts will ever look alike even though they all use the same unique setting scheme.
• 24 quilts using the Circle of Nine setting
• Each quilt has a uniquely different look
• Fully illustrated instructions include sewing techniques that make the projects easy enough for a beginner to sew
• How-to section explaining the fundamentals of using the Circle of Nine setting so any quilter, from beginner to expert, can use the setting scheme to design a quilt using her favorite quilt block."


  1. The book looks very interesting.

  2. This book looks awesome - the cover catches my attention too... along with those words "stunning and creative". I will have to look for it in the book store next time we go to the city.

  3. Looks like a really neat book!


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