Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Block Central

I am surfing the internet today and I was looking for block of the month quilts because I thought it would be fun to add a block of the month to the store site if I can figure out how to do it so that a free pattern could be down loaded and guess what I found..........? Block Central and it has this really cool block of the month not just for this year but for other years. Well to get back to what I found was 2010's block of the month Sentimental Journey which uses of all things Moda's Aster Manor line (which I have in the store) and I could have been making this each month since January. How fun would that have been? Now I am 8 months behind but it is a very pretty quilt and I may have to find the time to make it any way. If you want to see the quilt or the others you can click on the picture or this link . Some very nice quilts and the instructions look fairly easy to understand. Have fun and enjoy. You will have to let me know what you like on their site. jj


  1. Jump right in!! I started it, and kept up for about 2 months. So you won't be too far behind me!! lol!! There just aren't enough sewing hours....sigh.

  2. Oh thank you for finding this site. It looked familar but I have looked at so many different places. I am going to check this out more, but I AM EXCITED!!!!!! Thanks dear friend...nice to have a "leader" and a teacher like you in my life. Hugs.

  3. What a wonderful site! Thanks so much!


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