Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Minkee, Minkey, Cuddle, soft satin, etc....

So what do we mean by Minkee--- well it seems to have a dozen different names, colors, styles, and composition.... So from now on we are going to call it cuddle fabric.

I was in JoAnn's today and it was priced at 11.99 to 15.99 for the basic colors (not much variety) and then I was in another store that it was priced from 15.99 to 25.99 per yard and they had a fabulous variety. The wholesaler we are looking at has a lot of styles, colors, types....they call cuddle with dots, embossed cuddle, daisy ring, double sided etc.

Someone asked- what do you do with it... make blankets that are fabulous for kids or big kids. I've seen blankets made with the cuddle fabric that are similar to fleece blankets, I've seen quilted ones, pieced ones, and just plain old two pieces put together and tied. I am actually making one right now for my daughter that has 6 different pieces. Kids love the soft fabric and I love the texture and the pretty designs. I might have to make myself one. I have also seen it used as backing on other fabulous quilts or used to make hats. My mother made a baby blanket that used cuddle, flannel, and satin-- great texture and very cute.
If people are interested we will try to get some and offer it at a reasonable price. Here are two pictures of some cuddle fabric.


  1. I think it would be a great addition especially if you can offer it less than the stores. I only buy it when it is on sale and my stores here are very limited on what they have.

  2. Those are some great looking designs.

  3. I LOVE minkee fabric altho it is expensive. DD in her 40s wants a quilt from it and her DDs want the backs of their quilts made from Minkee. I would be thrilled to purchase some from you. Joanne @

  4. Yes, I have looked at it then looked at the price. It would make a snuggly backing.

  5. The cuddle fabric is really cute. I always look at minkee when I go for fabric, and the price always have me leaving without it. I would be interested to see how much you could carry it for. Will be back.



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