Saturday, April 17, 2010

I WON!! I WON!!! Can you believe it???

I won the Large Cone Easy Reach Thread Carousel from I Have a Notion!!! WOW! I love her stuff and now I even love it more!!! THANKS KELLY for having such a great give away. Congrats to the Grand Prize Winner and the winner of the Go! Fabric Cutter from AccuQuilt-- Aunt Barbara really wanted that one... Sorry Aunt Barbara.

Too see all of the other lucky winners hop on over to I have a Notion.

Large Cone Easy Reach Thread Carousel


  1. Hey Congratulations that is a great prize! Enjoy!Sharonj.

  2. Barb may not have won the AccuQuilt Go, but she did win that cool scissors fob! I won, too! (Window On The East by Carolyn Startup
    from QuiltWoman Barb - Spokane WA) In fact I recognized a lot of winning names. It was loads of fun--Kelly did a great job!

  3. Hey, congrats ! ! ! !
    You won a really great prize. Really useful.

    However, your Aunt Barbara thought for sure she was going to win
    I thought for sure I would win
    The AccuQuilt GO ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    Hmmm, now what ! ! ! !

    Glad you won The Thread Carousel. Again, congrats.


  4. I saw that you won!
    (and i can't believe with so many chances to win I walked away empty handed :0(.)
    Enjoy that fabulous generous of Kelly!

    Happy sewing from one kept woman to another :0)


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