Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Merry Christmas Giveaway winner

Cheryl of South Caroline won the Riley Blake 5 yard bundle of Christmas Fabrics.
Congratulations Cheryl. "Oh, I am so excited, thank you so so much!!!  I would love the cream, thank you!" Cheryl

I bought this quilt at a garage sale some time ago. It needed one more row and borders. I was able to get the row on but I was helping my daughter with her project this last weekend. She is making a memory quilt out of her husbands uncles shirts. You should have seen (I forgot to take pictures) the pile of shirts cuffs, pockets blocks that was all over my sewing room. It was crazy for a few days. I need to buy material for the borders. I don't have anything to match the cheddar color or the navy blue.

I am sitting at home waiting for the snow plow to come open the road. The neighbor has already been stuck in the snow this morning, so I decided I would wait and see. I don't particularly like getting stuck in the cold. Actually I worked from home yesterday so maybe I might have to again today.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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