Monday, January 4, 2016

Free Lapel Stick and Moda Patterns

 You can find the patterns on the InchwormFabrics Store free patterns. Also if you order in January you will get a free lapel stick with your order while supplies last.

 Christmas cookie making with a 2 year old. She had a blast. Her older brother lost interest but she stuck it out till we were finished.
Twin 8 year old boys sledding down the hill behind our house. Perfect day and perfect hill for their little sleds. They had the most fun aiming for the gate into the pasture. Dad had to stand guard to make sure no one crashed into the gate post. Grandma and Mom even ventured down the hill on a sled and through the gate into the pasture.
Hot cocoa and chili after all the fun and then some more sledding after getting warmed up.

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  1. Cocoa and chili sounds great!!! Wish I had someone to bake cookies with...


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