Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Time Flies!!!

Time sure seems to be getting away from us... Seems like summer was just starting... and now we are coming up on Halloween and the kids have been in school for almost two full months. Mom (Jeanette) asked me to post some of my finished projects....I think time has gotten away from her too!! And her computer has been a bit of a pill lately, so the blog has been sadly neglected... So in the meantime you will get to listen to me share a few projects and things happening at Inchworm Fabrics until mom can get her computer to behave!!

Summer show and tell....here are a few quilt tops I finally got finished.

This is the family quilt that everyone made a block for this year...
My disappearing hourglass quilt... It was fun to make... I will probably make another one.
And a disappearing shoo fly. The blocks that I had extra I put on the side to make pillows out of.

And this little guy was a project I started quite awhile ago. But he got finally got finished too.

I hope everyone is getting a chance to finish up a few projects as well. And if you get a chance, hop on over to the store...mom has been getting in some new precuts. And there is still plenty of time to start a project or two to get done by Christmas.


  1. Beverly your quilts are fabulous...and love your crochet...just awesome.

  2. Interesting - that is not what I know as a disappearing shoo fly. But I love your quilts!

  3. I always love seeing the family quilts. Great job. You are motivating me to make another Disappearing Hourglass. That turned out beautifully. Nice projects.


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