Sunday, November 9, 2014


It has been a hectic couple of weeks.

Just seems like yesterday that I blogged but life happens and time has flown. Yesterday Bev and I did the PEO baazar. It was a very nice venue and we did pretty good. We left 3 men at home with 4 kids and the house did survive, sorta.
 We had one table with precuts on it and one table with handmade quilts and blankets. Bev made most of the items and I quilted them.

                                                                      Lots of food.
                                                                   Lots of work.
 A friend from work had a booth also and I got her on candid phone......ha ha.


  1. What fun. Your booth looks very inviting. Glad Bev could join you. :)


  2. Love the bibs 😉!!! Looks like fun, Beverly looks so happy to have her photo taken. SMILE 😊

  3. Oh....that does look like fun. Nothing like sharing a project like this with family!


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