Monday, August 11, 2014

Unfinished Suprises!

I have been tackling a box of unfinished projects...and much to my surprise, I found a bag with this in it.....
Yes....that was all that was in the bag, a cut up fat quarter bundle with a little sheet of paper saying what sizes the blocks were and brief instructions. It has been enough years (at least six or more) that I couldn't remember what I was making.
So I decided "why not" and oh the surprise!!!! Ohio star blocks!! (I am a sucker for stars...and even though the picture is dark....I still love the colors!!)
I have eight of the blocks sewn and eight more to go. There is enough of the fat quarter bundle left that I think I can make some scrappy Irish chain blocks to put between the star blocks. And if I am really good, I might just be able to get a queen size quilt! I wonder what else is in that box...


  1. What a great surprise. Toni will have alot of surprises when I leave her all my UFO's

  2. I LOVE surprises like that!!! This quilt is going to be stunning!! I would also be checking out the rest of THAT box!! Amazing!

  3. Oh wow...what fun and the colors are great.

  4. WEll...maybe I should put a note in each of my unfinished projects...looks great!!!

  5. What a nice surprise. Such pretty fabrics too! You were so smart to put directions in the bag or it would have been a real puzzle.


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