Saturday, October 12, 2013

Lily's Quilt

This is Lily and she is trying to pretend that she doesn't see me taking her picture. She is four and of course smart as a whip, the cutiest and the best grandaughter. But of course so are all the rest of my grandkids.

This is Lily's quilt that her mother made for her birthday and I quilted it, a little late but she now has a new quilt for her big girl bed. It is made with a layer cake from Riley Blake called Sweet Cakes and she used a teal marble fabric as the background. I am not sure what pattern she used but it is just too cute.

I have had some exceedingly frustrating weeks where I couldn't get my computer to work. I did everything that I knew how to do to clean off virus' and stuff. Then my husband came and did some more and I was ready to buy a new one. Then for some reason I decided to reload java script and low and behold it works, it works, it works as I skip around the room. It still has some issues but at least I am not getting the page not found message any more. So annoying and I was becoming a raving maniac. I don't know how we ever lived without the internet. Maybe just maybe I am addicted but I will deny it in a court of law.

We have been doing apple juice. Last weekend we did about 26 gallons and this weekend we did 50 gallons. I do believe I am tired. We even squeezed in 13 jars of apple pie filling.

Have a restful Sunday. I know I am looking forward to putting my feet up and doing nothing all day, except going to church and maybe a nap but I think I may be able to handle that much.



  1. Have a blessed and restful Sunday.

  2. Pretty quilt for a pretty lil gal! That is a lot of juice! Used to do apple pie mix , apple butter and apple sauce.Tiring work indeed!

  3. Wow! That involves a lot of apples!

    The quilt is beautiful. In spite of her face, I know she loves it.

  4. Love the quilt and wow....lots of apple juice!!


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