Tuesday, October 30, 2012


While Jennifer and her kids were making snowmen in Idaho. My husband and I were visiting the oldest son in Oklahoma and we were planting pansies. (Disclaimier)Those aren't the ones we planted but a picture of mine from last year. They were having a cold snap, it was down in the 50's. I think we left colder weather here in Washington. We flew, and I crossed my fingers that we didn't get snowed in at the Denver airport. This time of year can be pretty iffy. I think there was some crazy weather going on last weekend. Hope everyone is warm and safe tonight.
A couple of weeks ago we picked a pickup load of apples and son number 3 did 28 gallons of juice. My husband and I did 15 gallons before we left on our trip. Well 3 of my wonderful children and their spouses came while we were gone and did a whoping 64 gallons of apple juice so that we wouldn't have to do it when we got home. (They now hold the record of most gallons done in one day) They cleaned the pickup out and cleaned up their mess and we couldn't even tell that they had been here with their 7 kids five and under. I was told that I should be grateful that I didn't see the house before they cleaned it up, which I was informed took 4 hours.


  1. Pansies are my favorite flower. My mother in law had them in all colors all over her yard and every time I see a Pansy I think of her. :-)

  2. Need to get our pansies in if we are going to do any!What awesome kiddos you have!That is a lot of juice! No apple sauce? Apple butter? Apple-pie mix?
    Glad you made home before airports were all messed up by the storm.

  3. The apple juice looks yummy! Glad you made it home safe. Ella wanted you to come trick or treating with us tonight. :)

  4. What awesome Nieces and Nephews I have...you are lucky!


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