Sunday, June 10, 2012

This is the time for graduations. I just finished another quilt for a co-workers daughter that graduated last weekend. My daughter made the top and I quilted it and will finish the binding today.

I also made a little self binding baby blanket for a class I am going to teach in a couple of weeks. This one has ties on it so it can be used for a baby car seat cover. I used some Indian Summer fabric out of my Inchworm Store.

You can find the easy instructions in a pdf here
Or you can watch a YouTube video here
Enjoy, it is so quick and easy that you will be amazed. You actually can use this technique on larger items. Works nice with flannels of just about any fabric that you want to use. Your imagination is the limit.


  1. I Really like the top quilt! Is there a pattern for this one somewhere??

  2. Both items are just wonderful...I love that Indian Summer Fabric, can't wait until I move into our new home to get my hands on it.

  3. Beautiful quilt. Like Flo, I'm curious as to the source of the design. Inspirational.



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