Thursday, October 21, 2010

Isnt it Friday yet???????

When I got up this morning I thought it was Friday. My husband burst my bubble by arguing with me that it was Thursday, don't you just hate it when they are right? Bummer. I just couldn't get into my work today I was so tired. I did get a pleasant surprise when I got home I had a package. A bolt of fabric that I love, Midnight Cowboy, and some quilt books for the store. I can't seem to get the pictures to download so I guess if you are curious you will have to go look. Maybe I will try again later. Hope everyone has a nice Friday. I will be having two this week. "Sigh"


  1. Hey it's Friday in New Zealand ;-)

  2. Some weeks are just like that!!!!

  3. I have done that many a time...thought it was one day and it was another.


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