Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some people will do anything to win

It is sad what a person will do for five entries to win an accuquilt go. I Have a Notion is having a give away and the link is on the side.This is what I have to do:Post a in depth look into your fabric stash or sewing area/studio without cleaning or staging a thing (100% honesty only). Photos or videos are a must along with some juicy details :)

This is the computer and books area.I spend a lot of time here on the internet and dreaming of all the quilts I will make.

This is the cutting table, which used to be the door to the closet we tore out. At the moment you cant see the door or the cutting mat as it has a couple of projects on it, in different stages of completion. If there is to much on it I know I cant start something else till I get something out of the way.

This is my sewing area with my two favorite machines. Works pretty good, I dont have to go far to get to either machine or the cutting table which is to the left of the serger. The ironing board is on the back of the door which is to the right of the regular machine. My room is about 9'x10'

This is the fabric stash. It used to be a closet but we had to tear it out to move the water heater and it hasnt been fixed yet. I like to put my fabric in plastic totes mainly because we occasionally have mice problems and I dont like my favorite material to get little nibbles taken out of them.


  1. Man!!! What a person will do for five extra points....and you can add my five to yours, I just have to make sure Kelly knows JJ is Jeanette in my post.....whohooooooo Love your sewing room by the way!!

  2. This stash and sewing room looks very civilized and neat.

  3. Loved your snowflake discovery! Your sewing room looks pretty orderly, at least it's not stacked with law books, rugby boots and various things related to alcohol and/or rowing like mine is at the moment!

  4. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that you won FIRST PLACE in my drawing for the Sidewinder Bobbin Winder at DC's Creations! I'm so happy for you! I sent you an email and need your mailing address.

  5. your sewing room looks great, compared to mine....

  6. I think your sewing room likes great!! How lucky you are to have it and all the beautiful machines and fabrics, etc., that help make up your little place on earth. You accomplish so much in your life...raised a big family, do a tremendous amount of canning, make quilts, gardening both vegetables and flowers, church responsibilities, plus working full-time. You are marvelous in all you do and you do it quite well.

  7. Love your sewing area...that is what i am doing tomorrow...showing off mine.


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