Sunday, February 28, 2010

HONEY BUN TABLE RUNNER - measuring 15" x 30"

If you are looking for a fast easy project, this table runner is for you. Leave out the flowers and hearts and it will go really fast.

Sew ten strips from salvage to salvage, side by side. The hardest part is choosing the strips you want to use.

Once you have them sewn together, iron them. Cut Three 2 1/2 strips as you see below.

Measure down the strip, I got 11 inches, and then I cut an 11 inch square. You will get 2 eleven inch squares. Put your 2 1/2 inch strip next to a square, another 2 1/2 inch strip, then a square, then the last strip.

Then I just did a log cabin border, put one strip down one side, then down then next, and so forth. You will want to measure down the middle to get your measurements for the width and length of each border strip. I did this border twice as you can see in the picture. You can even add more if you want.

You are done.... If you want to put these flowers, just copy the flowers below. Now, when I drew the flower on the fusible, I cut out the heart (to use for a different color for the petals). So I did this before attaching to the red fabric. Actually, I just drew the flower, folded the fusible in half and just randomnly cut out the heart any which a way. Fused them to the fabric then table runner, blanket stitched around the outside and inside of the flower....Done!!! Cute runner.

On another note, if you were to purchase the charm packs to go with the honey bun, you would have a perfect match for the flowers and petals.

Now the fun part about this is, I have enough strips for 3 more runners from one honey bun. So you may think these buns are expensive, but...if you can get 4 runners out of that is cheap.


  1. So pretty and I won a honey bun...hmm.
    Thank you for the tutorial.


  2. Oh my, I can't believe I didn't comment. I have been working on mine. I have the strip section done. All it needs is the borders for the top to be done. Yaay! Thanks so much for sharing this.

  3. I saw this on Barb's blog and loved it. Another to add to my project list!! Thanks for the pattern.
    sugary hugs :O)


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