Sunday, January 17, 2010


This is what we are making today (made tutorial last night) with fabric from Inch Worm fabrics. I made over 25 of these one time for women at church, in 1998. The only difference is that I just got a large newspaper and got my scraps and went to town on that paper (crazy quilting)...then I just cut out a bunch of hearts. I am trying to conserve my lovely fabrics so I am doing each heart individually. Oh...almost forgot, Inch Worm Fabircs is having a sale on fat quarters, 1.25 a fat quarter.

So you draw a heart, what ever size. YOu can even make this a pin cushion, larger will make a pillow....

so you put two pieces of fabric right sidees to gether and sew...making sure that the fabric covers the top of the heart when flipped over. You can draw your lines if you want but I just sew what ever way I want.

flip the fabrics over and add another piece of that down. I should have but didn't, use smaller stitches, that comes in handy when you are ripping off the paper.

I decided that I wanted to go alittle crooked...

Remember to trim your edges to 1/4 inch...just looks better. If you were just sewing fabric any which way, you would always want to trim your edges.

Edges trimmed!!

Adding another piece of fabric, again crooked, I don't want it to look too rigid.

Need to remember to trim those edges.

Working my way down the heart!

Heart covered

Then I go and iron the fabric, then cut out around the heart.

While I have my heart in this form, I go ahead and make the backing for it. Notice that I am not using my L'mour fabrics....don't want to waste one particle of it!!

Cut backing

Ripping the paper, this is where the small stitches come into play....I was told by Pat that small stitches make this process alot easier.

Now I have embellished the heart with different stitches. I am just learning Mr. Pfaff and explanation needed. When I did this back in 1998, I hand stitched all the decorative stitches on there...lots of work. I would do it now but hey........give a woman a break. I do think it looks prettier with the hand stitches...but oh well. My mother has a heart made by me on her wall, still and it has been over 10 years....momma's love their babies gifts even when they are old babies.

Now that it is embellished, you put the ruffle on it, you may opt not to...I think I will do one later with no ruffle...but we are ruffling right now.

I am normally not a pinner but I am at this time, just makes the sewing alot easier.

Now you make sure you leave a hole to pull it through, I do so on the side, not on any round edges...easier to sew up on a straight edge. Then I clip the round edges and the tip of the heart.

Pull the heart through the opening, stuff, put a bow, or buttons (whatever suits your fancy)...then put a ribbon on the back....and you have you a pretty heart.


  1. So, you sew the fabric strips right onto the paper? It turned out great and I can see these made for Valentines Day.

  2. I love these fabrics! And the heart came out so cute.


  3. Ummmm I have a question please Ms JJ....what paper do you use? lol I'm such a novice, I wouldn't know. Hugs Naomi

    Oh, I also forgot, Happy Belated Birthday


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