Friday, December 18, 2009

Is it just me or is everyone swamped?

I love this time of year and I hate it. I truly have a LOVE-HATE relationship with Christmas time. With seven days away, I am still not done.... procrastination is not the best solution. I had told myself that I would get stuff done before Thanksgiving so that Christmas would be a time for enjoyment and relaxation... HA Ha ha what a promise. Just sent Christmas cards yesterday, still have three more Christmas presents to finish sewing, have half of my baking done, (would have more if we would stop eating it ourselves), have a few gifts left to buy... but I have gotten everything mailed out and all have delivered except one... One check mark on a long list!! okay maybe a few more......

For everyone else out there--- you are not alone!! But like all creative people we will make it-- somehow, someway and Christmas will be GREAT!


  1. Well I'm glad that I am not the only one!!

  2. No matter how early I start, I am always stressed until the last minute! LOL Kerrie

  3. It is everyone, not just you! I have this theory it will come and go, so don't worry about all the things you have done and simply enjoy the moment, time with friends & family, decorations, food, spirit of Christmas!



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