Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gossip about the owner of Inch Worm Fabrics!!!

Well, as some of you know, I am Jennifer's aunt. I love being her aunt. I have no daughters and so my sisters have allowed me to steal their daughters on occasion. But....this post is not about me, it is about Jennifer and her desire to open an online store.

So.....I asked her some questions. Now...before I go on, I have only met Jennifer twice but we chat online and send emails back and forth. We have done a Round Robin together and for someone that has not been quilting long, she has a knack for it!! Her work is amazing and I will tell you what her mother told me a while back "Jennifer is good at everything she does" is that possible? I have a sister (actually several) that are awesome and now a will I ever live up to them????? Okay...I have to remember, this is not about me....this is not about me!!

So...I asked her what made her decide to open a fabric online store (and I quote)

Three reasons: 1) I had a hard time finding fabric--now I can order it
2) Needed an outlet for projects
3) It is something members of my family have only dreamed about
.....lets make those dreams come true.

Then I asked her to tell me something personal about herself and she says:

Work - I work for a food manufacturing company as the quality control/research
manager for 6 years. (she travels alot with this job as well).

Family - I met my husband in college while he was attending Vet school. We have two
children. My extended family is rather large but awesome (she has to say that
because I am writing this article) and many of them are very crafty.
Sometimes I feel like the crafty gene was all used up by the time I
was born( are you kidding me....I can't believe she said that...she has
it oozing from her toes, she is soooo very crafty but a little tooo humble).

Goals- Goal #1: is helping my kids become good contributing individuals
to society.
Two: is to enjoy life.
Three: learn something new
or try something new on a regular basis---atleast once a year.

I asked her what her main objective for her shop was and she said to supply fabric at a reasonable price and to pay for my habit (don't we all wish we could do that).

Then she says "I have always loved food...that is why I work in the food industry, cooking and baking is a way for me to relax, but I needed to find another hobby that did not contribute to a growing waist line. So I tried quilting....made two jean quilts for my kids and they loved them, I loved them, and it was a ton of fun (all it takes is one time....hook...line and sinker).

Then came the nice fabric, at first I thought fabric was fabric (isn't that a shocker for all of us).,, Until my mother introduced me to Kona Bay (oh my gosh...Kona bay...her mom introduced me to that toooo....oh my....okay..not about me).... Oh baby does that fabric feel nice, looks nice, and sews beautifully....and that was the end and a love affair began.....and now she calls herself a fabric snob."

So as you can see, we will see alot of wonderful things coming out of her store, whether it be fabric, recipes (I am hoping for those, maybe low calorie?) or stay tuned and be sure to check back often.


  1. You are such a sweetie helping her get going. Lots of Luck on store opening


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